Saturday, December 20, 2014

wifi hacking

Some people might have used Linux and the best part is you can see hidden networks in Linux BUT you can see them with full information in windows as well just you have follow simple steps

Step 1 : Open cmd

Step 2 : Type : netsh

Step 3 : Type : wlan

  Step 4 : Type : showblocked networks

Step 5 : Type  show all

Now you can see all hidden networks + visible networks with full information
at the top you can see your wifi settings as well


Step 5 : Now To Connect Type

connect name = name of profile(as i typed Asif203 You can see in pic above )


As This is my own network so i dont need any key But You Have To Find
A Wifi Like This(Without Encryption And Without Authentication)


thanx f0r read guys....

facebook stylish comments

No of People want to use Coloured / Stylish comments but they don't know how to do it so just follow these simple steps and Enjoy

The Procedure is very simple

step 1 :

go to the following link                                                                                                          
 A screen like this will appear now Go To the Bottom and click your desired Option                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                      Suppose i want animated text                                                                                   

Now type desired text in Title and change colour accordingly
then Change Font
and click Preview             

Now download it

                                            Now upload the image in comment


Thursday, November 13, 2014



  • First of ALL  login to your Facebook account which you want to change.

  • Now go to your browser network setting. There are lots of browsers but I will recommend you to use Firefox in pc and UC FOR MOBILE for this purpose. In Mozila Firefox go to Tools> Options > Advanced > Network > Settings. You will find out this option bar from the top of your browser.

  • Now select manual proxy and put “″ in the proxy address and “8080″ in the port address. And make sure to check the box said, “use this proxy server for all protocols”. You should be logged in to your account before changing proxy. Because sometime you may can’t login to your account.  Please note that, this is not a specified proxy. You can use any others as you wish but the proxy should be Indonesian. You can get many proxies from here Indonesia Proxies. This is the main process to have a Facebook without last name. For more check out the screenshot from below:
  • Now change the language of your Facebook account to “Bahasa Indonesia”. For that click Gear Icon > Account Settings > Languages. After changing save the setting.
    • Now click on the Name setting from the account settings page. Then just remove the last name and save name with your password. Make you sure that, in this way you can only use the first name as your full name. So, if you want a different name from your full name, first change the first and last name and keep your selected name in the first name section. Now in this method, delete the last name and make one word Facebook name. At the last save and YOU WILL HAPPY TO SEE THAT YOUR NAME HAS BEEN CHANGED TO STYLISH NAME.IF LIKE SHARE it.