Saturday, December 20, 2014

wifi hacking

Some people might have used Linux and the best part is you can see hidden networks in Linux BUT you can see them with full information in windows as well just you have follow simple steps

Step 1 : Open cmd

Step 2 : Type : netsh

Step 3 : Type : wlan

  Step 4 : Type : showblocked networks

Step 5 : Type  show all

Now you can see all hidden networks + visible networks with full information
at the top you can see your wifi settings as well


Step 5 : Now To Connect Type

connect name = name of profile(as i typed Asif203 You can see in pic above )


As This is my own network so i dont need any key But You Have To Find
A Wifi Like This(Without Encryption And Without Authentication)


thanx f0r read guys....
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