Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to Boost Torrent Speed in uTorrent (and Other P2P Clients Too)

In this post I am going to discuss some tips and tricks on how possible you can improve the speed on your torrents using p2p client such as utorrent.
1.) First of all you should have a torrent file with good seeders. Without seeders, there is nothing to expect

2.) Optimize your internet speed

  • First Check your internet speed at and get an idea about current speed of your connection.
  • Download TCP Optimizer which is a freeware you can use to optimize your connection. After download it, run it (no installation is needed) and change the connection speed bar according to your connection. Do not use a higher number rather than your actual connection, which won’t work. 
  • 3.) Improve your uTorrent client for better speed

    • Go to Options –> Preference –>Connection –> Set “Port used for incoming connection” above 10000 if not. (You can use the random port button too)
    • Go to Options –> Preference –> Connection –> Uncheck Randomize port each start check box
    • Go to Options –> Preference –> Bandwidth –> Set “Maximum Download Rate” something a little bit higher than your actual speed in kBps .
    • Go to Options –> Preference –> Bandwidth à Set something higher like 999999 in the global maximum number of connections and maximum number of connected peers per torrent  text box.
    • Go to Options –> Preference –> Bittorent –> Check“Enable DHT Network”, “Enable DHT for new Torrents”  and “Enable Peer Exchange” check boxes if not.
    • Go to Options –> Preference –> Bittorent –> Set Outgoing in Protocol Encryption section Enable and check “Allow Incoming legacy connections”
    • You can maintain a high speed peer list and use them manually if you lost connection with those  peers. (Check this step by step guide)
    Additionally, you can use some torrent speed accelerator software also to speed up your p2p clients. For uTorrent you can use uTorrent Ultra Accelrator. Install and run it when you use uTorrent. Remember to select the correct internet connection from Network Interface Dropdown.

You can check other products too at for your favorite p2p file sharing client other than UTorrent such as BitTorrent, Azureus, BitComet, BearShare, Vuse, eMule and many more. Another website called also offers similar products as
Even if you have tried above tweaks and still could not get any success then there may be some other reasons to fail such as,
  • May be your ISP do the limits on torrent traffic even encryption is enabled in the protocol
  • Bad seeds peers ratio
  • Downloading the torrent using unreliable, malfunctioned public trackers, etc.
Additionally, at the beginning, you can give a try on several torrent files on the same file you need to download, and you can filter a good torrent file by seeds and peers count and continue with it which may solve some issues at least. 

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