Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tips to Edit/Unlock PDF files

Nowadays, PDF files are the most preferred mode of transferring / sharing documents with safety. This is because of its portability and compatibility with a large number of programs. For protection purposes, people tend to assign passwords to their document which can be done in two ways in the case of PDF amongst which Owner Password is the most commonly used protection methods. Even though one has the access to open and view documents easily in Owner Password protected view, but when it comes to editing, modifying, copying or extracting the content of the PDF it becomes a difficult task. The one discussed here is the Owner Password which restricts the features like editing, copying, and printing of PDF documents. However, the other one is User Password which completely restricts the users from even opening the document. In order to access the restricted features of PDF document a work around with some methods are given below.
Solution Cracked With Some Known Methods
Through Google Drive
With your free Google account, there is a feature called Google Drive can help you to unlock the PDF document. It unlocks the uploaded PDF file. Then converts the text of the PDF and saves it as a test document. However, one can find that the original formatting of the PDF documents is not maintained. Moreover, Google Drive has a restriction of uploading files, i.e. 2 MB per file. Therefore, we cannot upload very large PDF files. Hence, this method is certainly not the best option.
With Adobe Acrobat Pro
With the Adobe Acrobat Pro, all the restricted features of PDF like; editing, copying, modifying, and printing are removed immediately. For gaining access to the restricted features of PDF, one has to know the User Password which, in other words is known as the document open password.
Although, one can get access to the password restricted features of PDF easily, but getting a licensed version of Adobe Acrobat Pro is too expensive.
Free Online PDF Password Removal
A number of online solutions are available which offer a free way to unlock the password feature of PDF documents. However, there are some or the other drawbacks associated with those online solutions.
  • One of the common problems noticed with these solutions is that it requires administrative privileges each time for no reason.
  • The online free application stores the uploaded PDF document in their own database while unlocking the PDF password. So, there is a probability that any confidential and important information associated with PDF files is going to be in the wrong hands and may probably get leaked.
  • Some applications are too heavy when it comes to the consumption of internet bandwidth to upload the PDF file and they perform the PDF unlocking process with bandwidth consumption done on a large scale.
  • Another major limitation of the online free PDF password removal tool is that, they usually ask for your email ID. This information is generally shared by other groups and is used for spamming, which can be too bugging for most users.
Considering the pro and cons of the all the above methods, it is better to go for a third party solution. There are numerous third party solutions available in the market, but PDF Unlocker utility is one of the most dependable tools.
Move Over To An Instant Solution For Unlocking PDF
PDF Unlocker Tool removes all kinds of file restrictions like copying, editing, extracting, and printing by unlocking the security feature embedded by Owner password. The trial version of the software is available for free and works lifelong. It removes the restricted features from the PDF documents, but while saving the document, you will find the output document watermarked with the company’s name labeled on it.
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